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Welcome to Romantic Spa:

Here we provide plenty of spa services like Body to Body massage, female to male massage, full body, nude, erotic, Thai massage, Swedish, hot stone, oil massage, Sensual massage, Ayurvedic healing therapy and more.

Now here you are going to see the Female to male massage services in Bangalore Indiranagar details, price list and how do we perform Massage & it’s overview.


Female to male massage:

Female to male also called as F2M massage in Bangalore. Here Female massage therapist provides the massage service to man. By rubbing her body with the receiver body, female to male spa conduced. All massage girls highly talented and well experienced. All girls are beautiful and so hot. You can choose any masseur from our spa and we allot the one private room for you and your partner. At that private room, female massage therapist starts the spa treatment.

You can ask whatever you want from her. She co-operates with you for anything. During the female to male massage, many of the massage centers don’t allow to touch the girls and have fun with her. But in our spa, we completely allow you to have a fun with her. This is the specialty of Romantic Spa.

  • The price of the female to male massage without sex is 2500 Rs/-
  • The price of the female to male massage with all other inclusion is 3000 Rs/-


All massage types, Oral job, Handjob, Sex, Throat fucking and more.

Female to male body massage is one of the best massage services we are offer in our Romantic Spa in Bangalore. We are Romantic Spa, Bangalore-based Spa and body massage centre. Here we offer all kinds of massage treatments for both male and female. Contact Us to get body massage service with the offer price.

Female to male body massage
Female to male body massage

About Our Massage centre:

We are the traditional massage service providers. Being one of the Best Body Massage in Bangalore, here we offer plenty of services to our clients. Our services are Female to male massage, Body to Body massage, Oil massage, Nuru massage, couple massage, Erotic body massage, Sensual massage and more. People are often suffered due to Body pain, muscle pain, and joint pain. Some people don’t know how to control a headache, pressure, and tension. We are promised once you take a massage with us, your all kind of Body problems should be relieved. We have specially trained masseuses to give treatment for customers body. All are trained by Romantic Spa training academy in Bangalore. In that academy, we provide all complete training about behavior, customer satisfaction, a special type of treatments and body language. So, you can visit our Spa to take any kind of massage with full of confident.

Female to Male Body massage in Bangalore | Best F2M massage centre Bangalore
Female to Male Body massage in Bangalore | Best F2M massage centre Bangalore

Female to Male Body massage:

There are plenty of Female to male massage centers are available in Bangalore. But we can’t say everybody give the best service to customers. But in our Sap center, we provide the Best Female to male Spa service. This type also called as F2M by people as a short form. In India, there are many cities provide this service with legally. The cities like Thane, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkatta are the famous for F2M massage.

We have highly educated, well-knowledged masseuses to rub your body and with their body. All female massage therapist looks so charming and beautiful. You can choose whoever you need from four Spa. The total 1.30 hours will surely the best part of your life. You can ask any doubts from your partner you have chosen. You can speak her, touch her, play her and have fun with her in the Private room we are allotted for you.

Female to male body massage (2)
Female to male body massage
Female to male body massage
Female to male body massage

Female massage therapist rubs your body with her body. It gives the special feel. You all body parts are covered in this session. The friction of two bodies is the best thing to get relaxed.

We provide service for all 24*7 days in a week. So, Call Us anytime with this number 9513801835 to have a Female to male Spa.

Body to Body massage in Bangalore:

I think most of the people know about the Body to Body massage in previous. If you don’t know what is the body to body massage means, read this full article to know about B2B massage service.

body to body massage

Body to Body massage is the type of Massage is the body contact between giver and a receiver. The giver and receiver may be any gender. If you are male and wanted the female to provide body to body massage means, we have lots of young beautiful ladies to provide female to male massage. Otherwise, you need a male to do body to body massage means, we also provided the male to do a massage. It is called Male to male massage.

B2B massage has plenty of benefits. With oil and without oil, this massage took place. A Female massage therapist provides this massage by rubbing her body with your body. She touches all the parts of your body with her boobs, elbows, fingers and knees. It will give an excellent pleasure for Massage receiver. That is why in India, B2B massage is very famous.

By taking the B2B massage from professional masseur means, the benefits will be a huge. As the certified massage center in Bangalore, Romantic Spa provides B2B massage to our customers. All the masseur are highly trained in our training center by the professional massage therapist. So, the quality and experience are great compared to any other cheap massage centers in Bangalore.

body to body massage

If you want to take Body to Body massage, then Call us soon and get the pleasure from our young hot girls.