Spa services in Bangalore – Bangalore spa (female to male)

Romantic Spa service:

Welcome to Romantic Spa. The name itself says the Massage with full of Romantic. We are one of the best Spa in Bangalore. Here we offer full sensual massage to our customers. We do Body to body massage in Bangalore with affordable price. Here we 100% assure your safety and Privacy. Some of the features massage service and our details are below.


Romantic Body massage in Bangalore:

Here we offer Romantic body massage to our customers. This is one of the very special types of massage in our Spa. Romantic massage gives you new feel and relaxation. Massage centers are the highly demanded one. Everybody needs to take a massage to reduce stress and pressure. There are plenty of people aware of massage. Here we help you to provide best body massage service. Choosing best massage Parlour is one of the very essential things nowadays. Because some of the Spa centers don’t have that much facility. But Romantic Spa, we Guaranteed for every customer 100% Safety and 100% Privacy. So, you no need to worry about Safety, Privacy, and your relaxation.

We have lots of young beautiful chicks here to give Romantic Body massage. Independent girls, Models, Aunties, College Girls, Hi Profile models, Russian Girls, North Indian Girls are available here to massage your Body. During the massage session, you can be allowed to do sex with her, blowjob, Oral job, handjob, Throat Fucking and Shower bath. These are the special services we offer to our customers for free. If You want to take Romantic Spa means Contact Us immediately and book your timing. There are plenty of Body massage services are here. Please look at below to know about our services.

Body to Body Massage:

You can take Massage with Nude girls here. The girls will help you to relief your stress and tension. By rubbing and pushing her body with Your Body, she provided Massage to you. All the massage girls should be friendly in nature. So, you can play with her, kiss her, touch her and have fun with her, She allowed to do all the enjoyment inside the Private room. Girls hands are so soft. When she massage your body. You should feel heaven. Like that, all the special type of Massages are available in Romantic Spa. Body to body massage in Bangalore is also called as B2B massage.

Female to Male Body massage Spa:

This is like as Body to Body massage. This is also called as F2M massage in Bangalore. The above Massage type only with girls. But here you can choose whoever you want like Aunties, Housewives, and more. There are many of the persons should like aunties more than girls. If you are one among that, then visit our spa to enjoy beautiful Kerala Aunties. Oil massage, Power massage, Lotion massage are available here. She will massage your body for 1.30 hour. If you want to take full night body massage and sex, you can able to take a sex in our spa center. If you still don’t take any female to male body massage in Bangalore means visit our spa to enjoy with beautiful young girls.

Boobs massage: Every man should like boobs. Boobs are so soft and which is helpful to massage Body. By doing Boobs massage for your body, you get special feel and relaxation. If you still don’t take booby massage means contact us we will provide Booby massage.


Full Body massage:

Full body massage is the most known one for everyone. Here we provide full body massage. You can choose your girl in our spa and take a full body massage. This type of massage should be concentrating on your whole body. This is the best body massage to get relaxed your whole body. After taking this type of massage, you should feel very happy.

Kerala Type Oil Massage center:

Already said we have lots of Kerala girl and aunties. They are very talented to do Kerala type body massage by using Oil. You can take a deep Oil massage in our Body to Body massage in Bangalore with beautiful Kerala ladies.

Hot Stone massage:

This massage is done By Placing hot stones on your body with a particular distance. This is the very special type of massage. Here we have an expert to do this massage. Placing the stones and heat of the stone is very important for relaxation. Stones are helpful to get core relaxation of your mind and body.

Deep Tissue Massage in Bangalore:

This massage targets deeper layer of your muscle and connecting tissues. The massage therapist gives strokes and rub your joining layers and provided this kind of massage. If you have body pain and Joint Pain means take Deep Tissue massage. This should be awesome for Body Painers.

Thai Massage:

We are provided Thai massage with Exotic Indian girls. They will provide Thai massage to your body. This is very ancient massage system used nowadays.

Swedish Massage in Bangalore:

Here we have some of the Foreign types of massages like Swedish massage, Bankok Style Body massage, and Russian Body massage. These are the different types of Massages we are provided in our Body massage center.


So, Now you should understand clearly what are our services and what we do in our massage center. If you wanted to take any of the body to body massage in Bangalore then, Contact Us 9513801835.