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We are Romantic Spa, the best full body massage center in Bangalore.

Nowadays, plenty of people often seeking good body massage service. Only few of the massage centers are providing excellent massage service. In this list Romantic SPA is also one among them.

Here we offer plenty of massage services like Nuru massage, Ayurvedic massage, Aromatherapy, Full Body massage, Shiatsu massage, Balinese massage, Pregnancy massage, Sports massage & more. Here we are going to see each massage one by one.

Sports massage in Bangalore:

Sports massage is a type of massage which really helpful for sports people. Sports players often get struggles by muscle pain. If they are rushing towards game then muscle stops flowing blood through the veins. So, the muscle stops working and getting pain those areas. We can’t able to adjust our hand or legs at that time.

That is why sports massage came in that place. This massage fully focused on adjusting muscle group and start increasing the blood flow through the muscle.

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Pregnancy massage in Bangalore:


Many of the ladies often suffered by hip pain and lower back pain during pregnancy. That is why Pregnancy massage came into the place. This massage focused on body pain during pregnant. Pregnant women should take this massage for good health maintenance.

Before taking pregnancy massage consulting your doctor is important.

Full Body massage in Bangalore:

Full Body massage is the type of massage mostly taken by clients. The massage is dedicated for full body. From head to toe you can feel the relaxation of whole body. The oil or cream is used in this type of massage.

The masseur gives body rub to all over body. Many of the massage palours have this massage type.

Because this massage has lots of benefits.

Benefits of full body massage follows.


This massage focused on improving immune of your body. This massage helps to reduce stress and tension. Bangalore Full body massage reduce body pain, back pain & joint pain.

All of the massage centers should have this massage. because this is the solid type of massage has some series values.

Female to male massage:

Female massage clients gives massage to male clients. The masseur lay on male body and give massage by using their body. If they are using body against your body then it is called the best body to body massage Bangalore indiranagar.

Male to male & female to male massage also available in our spa.

Body Massage Parlour in Bangalore

The modern lifestyle has made people change their lifestyle and has given them a lot of opportunities to make something great out of their life. With this people are trying new things to relax like body massages. Our center offers best sensual full body to body massage service in Bangalore. With the enhancement of technology and with the drive to stay in the game of this century, the stress and troubles have increased a lot. The physique these days has to face a lot of stress that leads to headaches and physique aches.

To get rid of this many people switch to medicines without realizing the side effects they will produce on your body. The best way to remove stress is to start a refreshing treatment. Our spa provides you with the best services with Happy ending. Now, your diseases can be treated with relaxation and soothing experience. Bangalore is a huge city and has many spas. But we have many out-standing and out of the box appropriateness that make us the best and extra ordinary.

We offer incredible service to our clients like; female to male, sensual thai, couple, happy ending, nuru, Male to female, full body to body at home and your location or hotel in Bangalore. We focus on providing the customer with the best service at affordable prices. Due to our amazing and astonishing work, we have made a place in the best body massage Bangalore services. We offer many amenity and many packages are also available for the customers. Body spa these days is in huge demand because of the effects it has on customers. We also offer hair, bath and other facial services. Many people who are conscious about their health have switched to the rubbing-down treatment.

After long weeks we all crave for some relaxation and soothing experience. This is now possible with the help of amenity that are provided by our spa. During massage the person is given healing touch to help the other person relax their body, mind and soul. We are presenting a new experience of erotic and sensual therapy. Our offers are specially designed keeping in mind the needs and the requirements of our clients. The spa provides the service of the body massage using natural materials.

These materials are not injurious or dangerous for your body. We have achieved the place of the best body spa Bangalore because of our dedication and hard work. The spa has the best therapist that make our place rank among the top spas in City. It is an old technique and has been regarded as magnificent and a splendid experience by people throughout the ages. The body massages help to stroke the natural stream of blood in your entire body and is known to play an important role in stimulating the vascular program of your body. The technique has been used for healing purposes from a very long time. The use of natural oils is made to rejuvenate and cure your skin and body.

Why we?

Our spa is known for providing the best Erotic and sensual servicing. Our center provides unique services with happy ending. We have been providing our clients with the most relaxing and soothing experience. Our out-standing performance over the years have made us rank among the top physique favour. The experience and the feedback that we have received from our clients over the years have made us work hard with more dedication and determination. We have received a lot of appreciation and feedback from our clients.

You can check there reviews in our testimonial section. Not only Indian even international clients feel happy with happy ending. The main motive of our center is to unwind all the problems that are troubling your mind. We are upgrading and adding new services to our spa to make the experience of our customers imposing with astounding ambiance. Body massage Bangalore service in considered among the top and best in our network. Our experienced and certified trainer and staff ensures that the customer is properly taken care off. The services offered by the spa are affordable. We are also known for the amazing offers and packages that the customer is provided. Our parlour offers many incredible and calming services that for a while will take you away from all your problems.


TM offers many type of services at affordable and cheapest price compare to others. The services offered by the TM are following explained:

Erotic Female to Male body massage
Body Massage at home
Body to Body massage
The World of Magical Treatment
Sensuous and Smoothing Massage Services in your own city

Erotic Female to Male body massage:

We welcome you to the best spa that provides female to male body massage in Bangalore. Many customers are not comfortable when men touch their body. So, prioritizing the comfort of the customer this service is offered. The feedbacks that we have received for the female to male body massage in Bangalore are really nice.

Body Massage at home:

In today’s busy schedule it becomes really difficult to go out and have a relaxing and calming massage whenever you like. Now, our spa offers the service of providing body massage at home in Bangalore. It is the phenomena where the communication is very important between the therapist and the customer. It is very important that the customer is comfortable with the therapist and can easily talk to the therapist. We provide these treatment for men and women in the capital. Our therapists make sure that all your stress is released and after the service the customer is relaxed and soothed. Full body massage is the best way to relax and unleash all your problems.

Body to Body massage:

We also offer the service of the full body to body massage in Bangalore. This way is considered among the best ways in which you can relax from the day to day troubles. If you are looking for something that is interesting and pampering then this spa is the perfect place for you.

By the introduction of this new experiences like full body to body and female to male massage at home or in hotel we have attracted many customers. Once a part of our family, our customers always remain with us. We have achieved a place among the other spas because of the incredible feedback that we received. The staff ensures that natural fruit products are used. Before using any other product, the physician is consulted by our therapists. We have a team of well-trained professionals who will never disappoint you. We are known for providing incredible services by reaching at your doorstep at one call. You can also book appointments from any place by just calling us. For further information about the services that are provided, you can contact the numbers that are mentioned on the site.

The World of Magical Treatment

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, mental stress and physical fatigue is extremely common. At the end of a hectic week, you feel exhausted and often experience physical symptoms of exhaustion too, such as muscle pain, tightness in muscles, knotty back, achy body and more.

That’s why an ideal weekend for many souls include getting a treatment that helps release all the stress and aches. A well performed full body massage can do wonders not only to your strained muscles and sore body, but can also uplift your mood and give you the most pleasurable experience that de-stresses your entire system. A good massage can also aid in for reducing stress, anxiety and internal tensions.

Sensuous and Smoothing Massage Services in your own city

Come Weekend and Bangalore-ites, be it office executives or high-profile businessmen, have begun seeking the comforts of a rejuvenating Body Massage in Bangalore. This treatment procedure have become very popular in the city over the years. And it has become increasingly easier to find such facilities or services. Today a variety of services is available at the other end of a phone call. Massage parlors and service providers offer a varied range of services, such as body to body, female to male, at home, at hotel or at parlor services and so on.

Body To Body Massage Services in Bangalore:

Body to body massage therapy is the superior idea to get rid out of tensions and make yourself relaxed with the pleasure of explicitness. It is the method to experience the existence of your body. There is a majority of body massage centers in Bangalore which can help to release out all you tension naturally. Romantic massage (TM) offers you something new to experience which can make you feel the essence of love and pleasure. Majority of spa centers provides you multiple reasonable packages also. There are female to male body massage centers with exclusive services. They offer private bedrooms away from the busy and noisy streets. Bangalore’s centers have outstanding and latest modern facilities. Their rooms are well preserved with soft beds, air-conditioner, cleanliness. Also, they have an impressive interior for positive impacts.

How They Do it :

Our clients ask for trained therapists in their profession, and that’s not all the service centers have in Bangalore. They give chances to meet with new masseuse every time as the centers change their employs systematically. The way of their massage insists one to feel extraordinary. It maintains customer’s mental and physical health if they prefer such treatment. To address various parts of your physique, masseuse carries some body oils or creams. Firstly, the way how she starts to touch arouse you gradually.

But, you only have to lay down on the bed to feel that ecstasy. After it, she gently smears the body oil or cream on your penile area and rubs her upper part or stomach on it. It makes you feel the muscles because it rejuvenates the lost energy of muscles and tissues. She would slowly allow your penis to rub her soft thighs and BB which will drive you to paradise. All these things make you unconscious simultaneously, but she would prevent it as the time runs out and start over again. All she does is immensely outstanding and pleasurable. She regularly asks for your wish to feel you much better. Nothing to worry: massage is mainly loaded with triggering motions. She connects with you physically as well as by communication during the massage. All masseuse gives you plenty of time to experience the pleasure.

Centres have the only and primary purpose to provide wellness, relaxation, refreshment, and satisfaction to their customers. As Bangalore is the capital of India, fabulous female to male body massage centers is located in every single section in city all region North, East, West and South Bangalore. If you love having time with gorgeous girls, then go for a body massage service in Bangalore. Their fast facilities will impress you in the very first visit, and the quality services take you to another world. Their professional are experts that are more than enough to satisfy your needs. However, NCR has a big fame in massage centers. You can get connected to a lot of center with a single click quickly because most of the centers are registered over the internet and have proper government approved licenses for their service. From a cheaper (in price as well as facilities) to the luxurious body massage centers in Bangalore have online booking procedure. You can observe the centers quality by checking customer reviews.

What all you get here :

People nowadays are giving all their preference to Bangalore’s service centers because the service providers here are young and are chosen beauty. People in this modern time are busy during the whole daytime so deserves to go and have a chance for a full body to body massage in Bangalore. Our service centers in Bangalore welcome people 24 hours for a different female to male body massage throughout the day as well as in nights.

All the full body to body massage centers, especially in Bangalore, give best discounts to their customers mainly at the end of months. Also, in Bangalore we have exclusive discounts for their old customers. They use expensive and high-quality body oil for the full body massage that not only improves the functioning of the body but also has favorable results for the skin. They also offer great deals for other country featured body to body massage therapy like stone massage, fish massage, jelly in massage, etc. Besides it, they have another various therapy such as deep tissue massage, steam bath massage and many more. You must visit the female to male body massage centers in Bangalore. They welcome you again.

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If you’re looking for a relaxing and enriching full body massage in Bangalore, look no further. We offer the widest range of soothing and sensual body massage treatment, using some of the highest end, refreshing aromatic oils, and performed by the best and skilled masseuses in the city.

We also bring you the best and most sensual body to body massage in Bangalore. And we are flexible on your choice of masseuse too. If you’re looking for a uniquely sensuous experience, we bring you the best Female to Male Body massage in Bangalore. Our masseuses are uniquely skilled, highly experienced and recommended even by our high-profile clients.

We also know you travel through the hectic Bangalore traffic throughout the week. Hence, we understand if you don’t feel like leaving home on a weekend, even if it were to get a body massage. If you don’t wish to travel through the traffic on a relaxing and lazy weekend, we are committed to simply make available the same luxurious experience of Body Massage at Home in Bangalore.

Now you can book a pleasant and relaxing full body massage or body to body massage in Bangalore through just a phone call or via our website. You Cal also screen through our available masseuse and book your favorite person for a sensuous and soothing Female to Male Body massage in Bangalore on a weekend, and even in the discreet privacy of your own home too.

Whether you’re feeling physically fatigued and sore, or in need of a mental relaxation and rejuvenation, this week gift yourself a rich and sensual full body massage experience. Our services will so please you that you’re sure to come back for more!

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