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We are Romantic Spa, the best full body massage center in Bangalore.

Nowadays, plenty of people often seeking good body massage service. Only few of the massage centers are providing excellent massage service. In this list Romantic SPA is also one among them.

Here we offer plenty of massage services like Nuru massage, Ayurvedic massage, Aromatherapy, Full Body massage, Shiatsu massage, Balinese massage, Pregnancy massage, Sports massage & more. Here we are goung to see each massage one by one.

Sports massage in Bangalore:

Sports massage is a type of massage which really helpful for sports people. Sports players often get struggles by muscle pain. If they are rushing towards game then muscle stops flowing blood through the veins. So, the muscle stops working and getting pain those areas. We can’t able to adjust our hand or legs at that time.

That is why sports massage came in that place. This massage fully focused on adjusting muscle group and start increasing the blood flow through the muscle.

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Pregnancy massage in Bangalore:


Many of the ladies often suffered by hip pain and lower back pain during pregnancy. That is why Pregnancy massage came into the place. This massage focused on body pain during pregnant. Pregnant women should take this massage for good health maintenance.

Before taking pregnancy massage consulting your doctor is important.

Full Body massage in Bangalore:

Full Body massage is the type of massage mostly taken by clients. The massage is dedicated for full body. From head to toe you can feel the relaxation of whole body. The oil or cream is used in this type of massage.

The masseur gives body rub to all over body. Many of the massage palours have this massage type.

Because this massage has lots of benefits.

Benefits of full body massage follows.


This massage focused on improving immune of your body. This massage helps to reduce stress and tension. Bangalore Full body massage reduce body pain, back pain & joint pain.

All of the massage centers should have this massage. because this is the solid type of massage has some series values.

Female to male massage:

Female massage clients gives massage to male clients. The masseur lay on male body and give massage by using their body. If they are using body against your body then it is called the best body to body massage Bangalore indiranagar.

Male to male & female to male massage also available in our spa.

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Body to body, female to male, full body massage bangalore indiranagar.